Our LWP Team
  • Depending on the event will depend on the profit outcome but here is a sample of how a LIVE Pay Per View online would work.
  • This example is based on 10 thousand Viewers 10,000 live viewers X $5.00 our average price for a 2 hour live webcast. The total would be $50,000 added on to your current profit off of your ticket prices at the door of the event. We have done webcasts upwards of 400 - 500 thousand Live Viewers. Our backend platform allows for us to have smooth video along with a simple merchant sign up for the users. The amount of viewers depends on the up front marketing of the event. The more you advertise the more people that tune in and want to watch the event. With help of the artists getting 100k viewers is not that difficult of a job..
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  • *Subscription portals
  • *One time live events
  • *Multiple live events
  • *Ticket options (single, playlist, global, etc)
  • *IPTV platforms
  • *Mobile device streaming
  • *Social media integration
  • *Multi bitrate streaming
  • *Stats & tracking
  • *Database & subscriptions