• Live Pay Per View Concerts

    We have the full website and interface setup to stream any concert and charge a fee online to watch it, just like a pay-per-view. With ticket prices ranging from $5 - $50, attracting even a small amount of viewers increases your revenue.

  • Adult Club Webcasts

    We set up stationary cams for adult entertainment clubs. They charge a membership to people interested in logging in and viewing events. This is a very popular service and generates incredible revenue on a weekly basis.

  • In Studio Webcasts

    We produce in-studio events with artists who perform and take questions from the audience. This kind of webcast is great for artists with a dedicated following. While-in studio, the artist can make revenue by charging to log in. Contact us today for other ways artist can gain revenue with in-studio streams!

  • Sporting Events

    We can handle the webcast production for any sporting event by providing a global online pay-per-view service. Our service can handle millions of online viewers.

  • Business Events

    Speeches, Seminars, Corporate Events, or Holiday Events! We can broadcast your event privately and securely to just the people you want, or we can do a publicly accessible stream with or without a paywall. Your event, your stream, your custom options!

  • Award Shows

    Want to have your award show seen live worldwide? We can produce your live award show webcast, either for marketing purposes or to gain revenue from paying viewers, your choice!

  • Outdoor Events

    LiveWebCastPros loves outdoor broadcasts! We have done numerous outdoor events using satellite trucks for bandwidth. Parties on the beach, at the pool, on the boardwalk, in the middle of a large field; it doesn't matter, we can produce the webcast for you!

  • Night Club Webcasts

    All nightclubs have a set attendance limit. This limits the revenue an act, promoter, or owner can expect to receive in this type of venue for a single show, even if the club has an unusually high attendance limit. Streaming this type of event opens up a new, nearly limitless revenue stream as paying fans all over the world tune in to the performance.


Booking Agencies

Increase your revenue on the very same events you already have booked! We can set up webcast production for all of the artists on your roster.

Nightclub Owners

If your nightclub books artists to perform, we can increase that revenue by producing a global webcast for those very same events.

Artist's Management

Take advantage of live webcasts for your artists! We can double, even triple the profit of your artists performances!

Event Centers

We can set up permanent equipment at your location to turn it into a LIVE webcast center. You would be able to offer global webcasts to all propsective clients.






Our webcast production is state of the art. We have top professionals in all areas of the webcast. We offer translation services within our network. If we have to perform a production using chat translation we can do so. Our average ticket price is $10. However, artists that are currently on the charts can get $20 or more per ticket, times the amount of viewers.



The Rick Ross webcast had 385,872 live viewers. Our production was booked last minute.

Vanilla Ice Live from Solomons Island MD

This Vanilla Ice webcast had 286,392 live viewers and was a 4 hour show.

50CENT Live from Las Vegas

This 50Cent webcast had 872,829 live viewers and was broadcast from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

BLACKFOOT Live from Maryland

This webcast was surprisingly popular and had a total of 289,027 viewers in a matter of 3 days.

French Montana Live from Washinton

This webcast had 462,395 live viewers. It was part of a 3 concert multilocation series that all took place same day.

The Old School Jam in Baltimore

Sugar Hill, Dougie Fresh, Whodini, Big Daddy Kane, and more! This webcast had 13 acts and 391,723 live viewers.

Def Jam Streaming Events

We have done many Def Jam events from artist's webcasts to modeling shows and special event parties.


We have done many webcasts for Atlantic Records, including a live 3 state multicast with multiple acts.


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